Self-Harm Alternatives


Sometimes, when you’re feeling disconnected, the best way to come back is a shock to the system. A popular and safe way to do this is to use ice cubes. The cold will help ground you in reality, and distract you from the urge to self-harm


Grabbing the nearest pillow and smashing it onto your mattress until you get tired and you get your energy out, can also be a good alternative to self-harm.

Rubber Bands

Rubber bands around the wrist may not be a fashion statement you want to make, but it helps when you need to not self-harm. A hard snap to the skin may leave a mark, but it will fade, unlike a lot of self-harm techniques.


There are lots of ways to meditate! Sometimes it’s as simple as daydreaming or focusing on the sound and feel of breathing. The important thing to remember is that you need to get comfortable to do it properly, because it’s hard to focus on mindfulness when your body is complaining. Some people even download apps to help them practice guided meditation, where someone talks you through the process of freeing your thoughts.


Drawing on yourself instead of self-harm may seem silly, but it can be surprisingly helpful. Whether you’re using the pen/marker to imitate the self-harm, to write positive messages, or to simply draw pictures, the stimulus to your skin and the familiar motions may help prevent the urge to self-harm.