Thinking Patterns

Identify unhealthy thinking

Problem solve, by avoiding unhealthy thinking

Use the basic six questions: What, How, Why, When, Who, Are Find a problem, find solutions, and pick the best solution(s) to the problem.

This is not enough to make a judgement - why are you a failure? Who did you fail? How did you fail? That’s okay - can you call now? Can you go to the doctor to get a sick note, confirming you’re ill? Can you possibly use DEAR MAN skills to ask for it to be counted as a sick day? Can you get a friend or family member to vouch for you?

Again, this is not enough to make a judgement - who thinks you’re ugly? Why do they think that?

Okay firstly, freckles are adorable. Are they insecure about themselves? How do you feel about your freckles? How do others, excluding that friend feel about freckles? Have you considered makeup if they are distressing to you? How much of a problem are your freckles?

The HALT technique can help to quickly diagnose what is happening to you.

HALT stands for...

Use HALT when you need a quick reminder of your needs as a human being. Being in one of these states can increase unhealthy thoughts.

Plan your day & not waste time

Challenge your own thinking patterns here: