TIPP Techniques

These skills are borrowed from DBT, otherwise known 'Dialectical Behavioural Therapy'; it is a type of therapy used for people who have Borderline Personality Disorder, although a lot of the skills anyone may find useful.

TIPP - Temperature

Hold your breath, and put your face in a bucket of cold water for roughly 30 seconds, or apply a cold pack to your face. This helps to reduce heart rate and is helpful in panic attacks.*

*If you’re using ice, wrap it in a towel first. Not suitable for people with heart conditions, if they are on beta-blockers (blood pressure reducing medication) or have an eating disorder.

If you're in doubt, please skip this technique.

Watch this technique in action here:

The mammalian diving reflex lowers heart rate, as a response to ‘jumping into the sea’. In this case, we’re just using a bucket of water.

TIPP - Intensive Exercise

Intense exercise for 30 seconds or so may help to get rid of excess built in anger and emotions. Here are some ideas:

Exercise has been proven to help with mental health, as exercise releases noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin, which can make issues such as depression worse if there is not enough of these in someone’s body.

TIPP - Paired Muscle Relaxation

Please see our page on Muscle Relaxation for this technique.

TIPP - Paced Breathing

Please see our page on Deep Breathing for this technique.